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Design Your Own Pyramid An interactive visual game that teaches us about the history of Egypt and that of the Great Pharaoh.
The Tomb of Perneb Travell through the ancient route to reach the tomb of Perneb. We have the maps and everything you need. Go Explore!
Enigma The game consists of four challenges found at locations on the map. Solve all four to get a hieroglaphics chart.


Scientific Calculator Not to worry if you don't have a scientific calculator. Use the on screen calculator provided here.
EDUMATH Online mathematics rapid fire quiz
(a+b)2 How to graphically represent (a+b)2
Length of tangent I How to calculate the length of tangent between two circles connected externally
Pascal's Triangle Pascal's triangle is a triangular array of the binomial coefficients in a triangle


Periodic Table Of Elements See all the technical data of all the elements in the periodic table interactively.